Of course if you have any questions or need assistance regarding your travel plans, you can contact us via email at sales@TravelAgentMall.com or call our professional travel agent at 248-488-7700.

IATA or ARC number is not required to work with TravelAgentMall. We will take care of all the ticketing requirements.

GDS is not required to work with TravelAgentMall.com. You can call us or make the booking directly yourself on our website www.TravelAgentMall.com.

All you will need to do is either send us an email or give us a call. In most cases making changes to international tickets are subject to airline restrictions, penalties and fare difference if any. All restrictions and penalties are based on the rules of fare type in which the ticket is issued. One of our travel professionals will be happy to look into this information for you.

Yes, our website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and Private Communication technology security standards supported by all major browsers to ensure that all confidential information is safe and secure at all times.

If the card is decline for any reason, we shall contact you to confirm that we have the correct information about card number and expiry date on file. Please note that fares are not guaranteed until tickets are issued. If the PNR gets cancelled during the process of waiting for the credit card, our trained specialists will try their best to reinstate the reservation.

No. Personal information collected that is necessary to the process of making a booking is not sold or given to any outside businesses. We are devoted to protecting your privacy and the privacy of your passenger and to ensuring a safe online transaction.

Yes, Passenger contact details and passport details are mandatory to share as per TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Without this information we are not able to issue a ticket.

The large majority of the fares we offer are issued as “IT” which is a bulk ticket that shows no fare amounts other than the taxes collected. If you book a published fare the fare will always appear on the ticket.

No, at this time we do not accept checks as a form of payment. Only ACH will be accepted by pre certified agencies.

Yes! Most airlines do accept cards for net fares. However, in some cases, some airlines do not accept credit cards for certain destinations. In these cases, there is an additional fee of 4%-5% which would be added to the total charge amount. Also some airlines may levy a maximum cap on the amount being charged.

In most credit card transactions, the responsibility to procure a signed and imprinted credit card form will be that of the agent. A Credit Card Authorization Form signed by the passenger with proof of identity is required for all bookings.

TravelAgentMall does not accept third party cards. Nothing else needs to be added.

No, one of the traveling passengers must be the card holder.

TravelAgentMall processes commission payments two weeks after the ticket has been issued.

Yes. The tickets are restricted and impose a cancellation fee as per each carrier fare rule. Some may be non-refundable. Make sure you consult the fare rules associated with each price before ticket is issuance.

Please note the TravelAgentMall charges a service fee for all voluntary changes and or refunds one a ticket is issued. Our standard fee is $50 in additional to all applicable airline fees.

Yes, some airlines are allowing 2 pieces checked baggage and some are allowing 1 piece checked baggage. These are determined by the airline and type of fare in which the ticket is issued. Please check with airline before advising your passengers.

Yes. Your clients may collect mileage/frequent flier if they are already enrolled or may join a new mileage program at the time of check-in. There may be certain airlines which will only permit partial mileage credit for the tickets which are issued as “IT” ticket(Net).

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