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Benefits of using a Global Content Supplier for Air and Hotel Content

28. October 2020 01:04 by TravelAgentMall in Airline Consolidator, TravelAgentMall
TravelAgentMall is an established global content supplier with partnerships with all GDS, airline consolidators, and hotel suppliers. This gives you the ability to access all the content in one place without the need for GDS or multiple logins. Give us a try!!! [More]

6 Factors to Check if Your Airline Consolidator is Trustworthy

11. November 2019 15:04 by TravelAgentMall in Airline Consolidator, TravelAgentMall
Consolidator airline tickets are often discounted as airfare consolidators can buy discounted tickets due to their long-standing relationships with airlines. The consolidator fares can be 30-40% lower than published fares. [More]

Airline Consolidator: Expectation vs. Reality

14. October 2019 15:31 by TravelAgentMall in Airline Consolidator
Airfare consolidators that have a long-standing relationship with airlines may get a maximum of 30-40% discount on published fares. They have partnerships with 500+ airlines across the globe which makes them deliver the best ticketing fulfillment services. [More]

5 Smart ways to grow as a successful travel agent

5. August 2019 15:24 by TravelAgentMall in Airline Consolidator
Are you looking for the best methods to enhance your travel business? Here, we are focusing on the 5 useful ways that can help travel agencies/agents in growing their businesses. [More]