Airline Consolidator | The Reality of low International airfare that you should know

The Reality of low International airfare that you should know

re airline consolidators really the best source of low International fares?

The Truth of low International fares that travel agents must know

If we observe the modern traveler behavior, their demand patterns greatly influence the travel agent business. Nowadays, there is a great demand to book discounted international fares. Therefore, travel agents find selling of international flight tickets as an excellent source of making high profit. Here, in this post, we will focus on all you need to know about discounted international fares, scope, source, facts and more.  

Scope of booking International fares

Scope of booking International fares
  • Travel agents looking for the right solutions to meet their customer expectations should know the importance of booking low international fares. The travel technology solution that provides access to discounted international fares can be a good choice for them. This would work best as the scope of selling international flight tickets is increasing rapidly.
  • Travel agents can build and grow their business by fulfilling the personal preferences of travelers. Travelers like to experience different customs, traditions, and cuisines which makes them want to travel to various international destinations. They are looking for deals on international fares to serve their interests, and this leads to increased sales of international flight tickets.
  • Among various travel solutions considered by travel agents, booking discounted international fares through consolidators is quite helpful for them.
  • Travel agents can target specific markets like the U.S.A, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, as these are the regions that have a high demand for booking international fares.

Are airline consolidators really the best source of low International fares?

  • Airfare consolidators build strong relations with airlines that help them bring the best deals on international destinations.
  • Consolidator fares are good to book tickets for international travel as they are cheaper than regular fares and allow travel agents to add the desired markup. After adding the markup, fares still remain cheaper than the published fares. Therefore, travel agents find buying international tickets from a consolidator, a useful resource in their business.
  • A travel agent can increase customer engagement by getting discounted international fares from an airline consolidator. This discount allows travel agent to pass some of the savings back to their customers and build loyalty.
  • Travel agents consider airline consolidator tickets as a great source to book low international fares, which travelers could not find by themselves.

Why do travel agents need a consolidator to buy International flight tickets?

Why do travel agents need a consolidator to buy International flight tickets?
  • Airline ticket consolidators allow travel agents to get maximum savings.
  • With the help of a consolidator, travel agents can get low airfares for last-minute bookings. This way, they do not miss the chance to earn business from customers looking to make last minute travel plans.
  • Travel agents can also upsell business and first-class tickets at lower rates, by purchasing them from an airfare consolidator. As a result, their customers get a better journey experience at a lower price.
  • Usually travel agents have a limited reach inside their own local areas. An airline consolidator can help them book the best international fares for travelers across the globe.

Ways to get the maximum out of Consolidator fares

Ways to get the maximum out of Consolidator fares
  • Travel agents can select an airline ticket consolidator who has decades of trustworthy connections with airlines. This will help agents have the most discounted international airfare deals on all major airlines.
  • Understanding the right time to book consolidator fares can help travel agents make maximum profits.

Most Amazing facts about Airline Consolidator & International fares

  • Majority of travel agents prefer an airfare consolidator when they need to book international fares.
  • There is an increased demand for booking international flights in recent years.
  • Consolidators allow travel agents to have huge discounts on business class fares. This makes travel agents capable of offering exclusive discounts to their customers.
  • Whether travel agents need to book international fares for an individual or a group, an airline consolidator is beneficial to them in both cases. Besides getting discounts on normal fares, a consolidator is capable of getting special discounts on group fares, including religious, military, sports, student, and business group travel discounts.
  • An airline consolidator can offer special deals on specific routes to travel agents. They are capable of doing special favors due to their strong negotiating power and long-standing relationship with airlines.
  • Consolidators generally have access to special inventory that increases the chances of getting the lowest international fares even on sold-out flights.
  • Besides cost savings, travel agents find a consolidator helpful in making complex itinerary easier. An airline consolidator is capable of dealing in multiple segments, including various origins, stopovers and also gives an excellent customer service.

International fares: Conclusion

In the above post, we have discussed the importance of booking international fares. In addition to this, we have also taken into account some of the facts about consolidators and international flight tickets purchases. If you want to take a step forward in your travel business to meet current demands of customers, getting international fares from an airline consolidator can really help you out.

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