Airline Consolidator | How Can Travel Agents Save High With a Business-Class Consolidator?

How Can Travel Agents Save High With a Business-Class Consolidator?

A quick guide to business class air consolidator & their discounts

A quick guide to business class air consolidator & their discounts

Travel agents can now escape from the industry’s limitations of high airfares with the help of international air consolidators. These consolidators bring massive discounts on fares. If we consider business class consolidators, they help travel agents book discounted flight tickets for premium classes. Thereby, travel agents can provide customers, better savings for their international travel in business class. In this way, travel agents can build long-term customer relations as their customers may visit them again, due to the availability of substantial discounts.

Before taking a leap into further sections of this post, let’s have a glimpse of our topic of discussion. Here, we will discuss all you need to know about business class consolidators and perks of getting connected with international air consolidators for the travel business.

Are business-class consolidator discounts true?

International travel demands expensive airfares. Therefore, travelers like to invest time in searching for the lowest international fares. Many travelers also prefer booking premium class tickets for those long international flights. However, getting satisfactory discounts for business or first-class flight tickets is quite difficult. Generally, in order to receive the lowest fares for premium-class tickets, one needs to book 45-days before departure. However, a business class consolidator can offer the best fares for last-minute bookings as well. Thus, travel agents do not lose any profit possibilities.

Business-class consolidators are really helpful as they can offer good discounts for premium classes. They have the ability to negotiate with airlines for discounts on international travel. Thereby, they provide flexibility to book business class tickets any time without any limitation of booking too early.

3-interesting facts about business-class consolidator

3-interesting facts about business-class consolidator
  • Airlines have a lot of seats that they like to sell through business class consolidators. Therefore, business class consolidators are capable of providing discounted fares to travel agents, which help them have excellent profit possibilities on corporate business travel also.
  • A business class consolidator negotiates contracts with airlines to buy seats in bulk, this involves targets and if the targets are achieved, the more discounts can be received further due to trust developed with airlines.
  • A Business class consolidator offers heavy discounts on business and first-class tickets as airlines generally release premium class discounts to such consolidators only.

Business-class consolidators in the USA

Business-class consolidators in the USA

Travel agents can purchase special fares from specialized airline consolidators in order to fulfill their specific business needs. For instance, the USA is the world's largest air travel market and some consolidators may specialize in selling business class consolidator tickets for those major airlines. Such consolidators can be recognized as:

5 Perks of connecting with International air consolidator

5 Perks of connecting with International air consolidator
  • International air consolidators allow travel agents to source fares for low-cost and full-service flights from a single channel. This saves a lot of time as discounted fares to worldwide destinations are available through a single platform.
  • With the help of international airfare consolidators, travel agents get net fares from numerous airlines around the world.
  • In addition to consolidator tickets, travel agents can get excellent ticketing fulfillment services from international airline consolidators.
  • International consolidator fares are often lower than the published fares.
  • An airline consolidator is helpful while booking a multiple-stop flight as consolidators can easily manage discounted tickets for connecting flights also. In this way, they allow travel agents to receive huge savings by providing deep discounts for international flight tickets.

Looking for the best international air consolidator for business class tickets?

We are a leading international airline consolidator in the USA and have a long standing relationship with all major airlines. We help travel agents easily reach their target market by having access to a variety airfare discounts. Our standard airfare inventory allows travel agents to easily provide promotional fares to customers after receiving maximum savings. Our airline consolidator services involve remarkable ticketing fulfillment services for your customers.

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