Airline Consolidator | 6 Factors to Check if Your Airline Consolidator is Trustworthy

6 Factors to Check if Your Airline Consolidator is Trustworthy

11. November 2019 15:04 by TravelAgentMall in Airline Consolidator, TravelAgentMall

Transform travel business by selecting the best airline consolidator

As a trusted travel agent if you really want to bring a positive change in your business, you can start by selecting the right airline consolidator. Here, we will help you determine whether or not your airline consolidator is capable of growing your business. This may help you select the best consolidator and transform your business.

Airline Consolidator Meaning

Consolidators are the airline ticket wholesalers who resell flight tickets to travel agents. Consolidator airline tickets are often discounted as airfare consolidators can buy discounted tickets due to their long-standing relationships with airlines. The consolidator fares can be 30-40% lower than published fares.

Importance of selecting the best airfare consolidator

Importance of selecting the best airfare consolidator

  • Maximum savings
  • Higher commissions
  • Exclusive airfare deals
  • Round the clock support

Benefits of choosing the perfect airline ticket consolidator

  • Helps build trust among customers by allowing satisfactory discounts.
  • Increases web-presence by providing a wide range of airfares.
  • Offers most competitive airfares in the market.
  • Provides higher assistance that helps form long-term relations with your customers.

6 factors to find if your airline consolidator is trustworthy

In order to determine how trustworthy your flight consolidator is, or, if you really need to change your consolidator, we have presented some key points below:

Experience of your airline consolidator really matters

It is necessary to know how experienced an airline ticket consolidator is. Despite offering low fares some of the consolidators are unable to meet expectations of travel agents. However, a consolidator having more experience in the industry can serve far better due to its extensive knowledge. They can present the most effective solutions to travel agents to manage any uneven situations in a better way.

Check if your flight consolidator covers all major GDSs

Choosing an airline consolidator having a partnership with all major GDSs can be a good choice. If your consolidator only has access to a single GDS, it can’t offer nearly enough flight options. Therefore, you should select one that covers all major GDSs. This will help you present numerous flight options and the best airfares available. For example, TravelAgentMall is a leading airline consolidator that has a partnership with all major GDSs. This can give you a competitive edge to perform better than your competitors.

Check if your consolidator has links with majority of airlines

If a flight consolidator has connections with multiple airlines, it can be a great benefit for any travel agent. This provides an opportunity to have numerous fares for multiple destinations and can extend the profit margin. Having the best fares for niche routes also, allows travel agents to make all possible profits. This can be achieved with the help of a consolidator that has maintained relationships with a majority of airlines.

Check if your airline consolidator provides 24*7 customer support

A consolidator is also responsible for delivering excellent customer support to travel agents. Many times, travel agents have to manage last-minute flight bookings for their customers due to unexpected flight cancellations. These situations need a fast response to resolve queries on time. Therefore, travel agents should check for round the clock support from an airfare consolidator. This can save a lot of time as a consolidator will be able to respond whenever the help is required.

Check if your flight consolidator offers group fares as well

Airline ticket consolidators play a major role in travel businesses. If they can offer wholesale flight tickets, as well as offer the best group fares, this can prove to be a huge benefit to any travel business. Travel agents find difficulty in managing group fare discounts as getting the required group seats in a single plane is not that easy. In this case, an airline ticket wholesaler can be helpful as it can manage discounts on group fares due to its long-standing relationship with airlines.

Check if your consolidator has limited options only

Getting connected with an airline consolidator which offers fares that suit all types of customers is favorable for many travel agents. A consolidator that is limited to specific fares; for instance, a business class consolidator offering fares for business class only, can be replaced with the one having multiple fare choices. This allows travel agents to manage discounts for various seating options.

Why do travel agents prefer TravelAgentMall over other airline consolidators?

Why do travel agents prefer TravelAgentMall over other airline consolidators?

TravelAgentMall brings exclusive airfare deals so that travel agents can receive maximum savings. Besides this, group fare requests are fulfilled quickly and our customer support helps deal with last-minute bookings easily. In this way, travel agents can save a lot of time and money by working with TravelAgentMall. If you want to get registered with TravelAgentMall, you can contact any of our salespeople.

Have you still not chosen the best airfare consolidator for your business? We hope that the discussion made above will help you select the right consolidator.

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