Airline Consolidator | Looking for American Airlines Consolidator Tickets?

Looking for American Airlines Consolidator Tickets?

20. February 2020 21:49 by TravelAgentMall in Airline Consolidator

Discover the best source for American Airlines Consolidator Tickets

The travel industry has complex systems with countless connecting channels. The travel agent network is vast and all travel businesses need new opportunities to evolve. Getting the American Airlines consolidator tickets from the right source is of great importance. Here, in this post, we would discuss the best wholesaler for American Airlines Consolidator tickets. They help travel agents manage the group fare discounts as well.

The Smart platform is here: American Airlines Consolidator Tickets & more

Travel agents look for a platform that can bring them solutions to deal with a challenging business environment. Travel Agent Mall is the one-stop destination for buying wholesale flight tickets and other key products that help overcome the challenges of the travel business.

If you want your customers to come back to you for their next booking, get in touch with the best flight ticket wholesaler. Airline ticket wholesalers buy tickets directly from airlines after making negotiations based on their long-standing relationships with them. 

American Airlines Consolidator Tickets

Travel Agent Mall has longer and healthier relationships with all major airlines, including American Airlines. Therefore, travel agents who are looking for American Airlines consolidator tickets should contact Travel Agent Mall.

If you get American Airlines Consolidator Tickets from Travel Agent Mall you may get higher profit margins, as you can save a lot on published fares, for a large volume of American Airlines itineraries taking place daily.

American Airlines Group fare discounts

Besides consolidator tickets, Travel Agent Mall helps manage the best group fare discounts from all of the major airlines. Generally, travel agents have to follow certain group policies to become eligible for easier group bookings. However, with Travel Agent Mall, they simply need to fill the group travel request form as per the requirements and submit them.

American Airlines allows allocating group space up to 11 months before. There are certain offers made by American Airlines like a free name change per ticket up to 48 hours before departure.

Besides American Airlines, have a glimpse of group fare offers by other major airlines

If we consider United Airlines, they offer special pricing for a group of more than 10 passengers. They offer adequate support and guidance through the group coordinator at the airport, plus the priority check-in is also there. In our next example, we are considering Delta Airlines, their group travel policy covers competitive fares for a group of 10+ people, excellent support, and flexible ticketing choices.

How do American Airlines consolidator tickets redefine your business?

The foremost reason for selecting the wholesale airfare consolidators is to save high on published fares. The flight ticket wholesalers offer the money-saving offers which allow travel agents to add required markups to consolidator ticket fares. Buying American Airlines consolidator tickets develops a good profit possibility as it is one of the major airlines.

Have a look at a leading source of American Airlines consolidator tickets

Travel Agent Mall allows travel agents to market their own fares by providing an opportunity to save high on published fares. In addition to American Airlines consolidator tickets, Travel Agent Mall provides access to fares of 350+ airlines across the world. They cover all the major GDSs, unlike consolidators that are limited to a specific range of fares. They are provided with discounted net contracts by American Airlines as they sell a large volume of American Airlines consolidator tickets every year. Travel Agent Mall is an obvious choice for any travel agent to expand their business.

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