Airline Consolidator | Benefits of using a Global Content Supplier for Air and Hotel Content

Benefits of using a Global Content Supplier for Air and Hotel Content

28. October 2020 01:04 by TravelAgentMall in Airline Consolidator, TravelAgentMall

If you have been in the travel industry long enough, you know that over the last few decades, the content has become more fragmented. Initially, it was the Low-Cost Carriers aka LCCs, whose content was only available on their websites. Then came the 100s of hotel suppliers like Expedia, Priceline, etc. each promising you the lowest and best content without anyone having the ability to compare and confirm. Then came hundreds of airline consolidators promising you the best airfares for your customers and now, even the airlines are promising the “rich and best content” through new technologies like New Distribution Capability (NDC). These don’t even include hundreds of complex terms like CAT35, CUG rates, SOTO fares, etc. which is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Well, that’s where using a global content supplier like TravelAgentMall for air and hotel content may be the answer to all your problems. See how using a global content supplier can help your business.

Best content and price

Unlike others, global content suppliers combine the content from ALL the sources including GDS, airline consolidators, hotel suppliers, SOTO fares, NDC content, etc. to give you access to all the content in a single spot. You no longer have to search hundreds of websites and suppliers to find the best price. Further, the content is accessible through an easy-to-use website that is accessible at all times from anywhere.

Better commissions

Since you have access to all the content in a single area, you are able to make better commissions on sales. You can decide on the selling price for each customer and rest knowing you would be the most competitive in the market. This allows you to maximize your profits while reducing your costs.

Easy integration with existing solutions

Most global content suppliers offer their content through APIs which allows you to integrate the best content into your solutions. If you are a retail or corporate agency, you can now offer the best content directly to your customers. Simply add the content APIs to your existing solution and everything is handled by the global content supplier.

Easy Payments

Earlier, you had to deal with multiple suppliers and each one would have their own payment terms in multiple currencies. With a global content supplier like TravelAgentMall, you simply make payments in one currency to a single supplier, and your work is done. They handle all the settlements in the back and you can focus on servicing your customers.

Self-Service Portal

Global content suppliers also offer a self-service portal for customers that are not looking for an API solution. This makes it easy to search and book products without any development work. You can further grow towards an API solution when the need arises.

TravelAgentMall is an established global content supplier with partnerships with all GDS, airline consolidators, and hotel suppliers. This gives you the ability to access all the content in one place without the need for GDS or multiple logins. Give us a try!!!

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