Airline Consolidator | All you need to know about Delta Airlines consolidator tickets

All you need to know about Delta Airlines consolidator tickets

4. March 2020 23:36 by TravelAgentMall in Airline Consolidator

How do Delta Airlines consolidator tickets let your business grow?

Before discussing Delta Airlines consolidator tickets let us take into account, the rapid increase in international flight bookings. People like to travel for leisure, for adventure activities, to learn new cultures, or for business meetings. Therefore, they keep eye on agents who can offer them satisfactory discounts on international flight tickets, as they want to avoid sky-high price quotes from airlines themselves.  Travel agents can turn this into the advantage by following one of the best practices like buying Delta Airlines consolidator tickets.                                                              

Delta Airlines is one of the major US carriers and it offers discounted international flight tickets to airline consolidators. Consolidators further pass those discounts to travel agents. Buying Delta Airlines consolidator tickets can be a meaningful step towards travel agents’ business model.

Here, we will discuss interesting facts about Delta Airlines, the importance of Delta airlines consolidator tickets among travel agents; how do they help travel agents grow business, group fare policies of major airlines, and a leading source of Delta airlines consolidator tickets.

Delta Airlines: Let your business grow beyond your milestones

Let us learn about some fundamental details about Delta Airlines first, before proceeding towards the Delta Airlines consolidator tickets. This company was established on 2 March 1925, Macon, Georgia, United States. Delta Air Service was incorporated on December 3, 1928, and it was named after the Mississippi Delta region. In 1929, Delta operated its first passenger flight from Dallas, Texas, to Jackson, Mississippi, with stops in Shreveport and Monroe, Louisiana. Soon they have extended their services to Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Meridian, Mississippi.

4 Interesting facts about Delta Airlines

  • If we consider the Delta ranking, it is presently the world's second-largest airline that has over 800 aircraft. It operates around 5,400 flights daily and serves 325 destinations in 52 countries across 6 continents.
  • Delta has got its place among "Most Innovative Companies," by getting No. 6th position due to its use of RFID technology to track customer bags in real-time.
  • As we all know the need for Wi-Fi has been increased since the advancements taking place, we can see a similar effect on the travel sector as well. Delta Airlines is one of the leading providers of in-flight WIFI in the world. It has more than 1,200 Wi-Fi equipped aircraft. They cover Wi-Fi access in nearly all their flights. Moreover, their in-flight Wi-Fi is powered by Gogo and is available on almost all aircraft with two or more cabins. The Wi-Fi speed is quite good as it is based on the next-generation technology from Gogo. Passengers can access options like streaming video, working remotely or simply browsing the web, and enjoy their journey during flight.
  • As per the Delta Airlines ticket cancellation norms, on the purchase of a non-refundable ticket also, you can take the remaining value that can be provided as eCredit. This value can be utilized for the purchase of another ticket within one year of the original ticket date. However, customers who purchase a basic economy can’t get refunds after the Risk-Free Cancellation period.

Importance of Delta Airlines consolidator tickets for travel agents

Delta Airlines flights cover certain routes including the United States, Latin America, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Delta Airlines offers favorable transport rules and chances of fast check-in with the mobile app. These factors make Delta Airlines interesting to travelers. If you want your customers to visit your travel website again, Delta Airlines consolidator tickets can help bring your customers back.

Grow your travel business with Delta Airlines consolidator tickets

Delta Airlines consolidator fares are substantially lesser than their published fares. Travel agents can make higher profit margins as they can save maximum on Delta Airlines published fares.

Airline ticket consolidators offer money-saving offers to travel agents which allows travel agents to add desired markups. After adding the desired markup with consolidator ticket fares, travel agents become capable of selling their own fares. Purchasing Delta Airlines consolidator tickets help increase profit possibility as Delta Airlines is one of the major airlines that carry numerous passengers each day.

A glimpse of group fare offers by Delta Airlines & other major airlines

The group travel policy of Delta Airlines covers competitive fares for a group of 10+ people, excellent support, and flexible ticketing options.

If we talk about United Airlines, they too offer special pricing for a group of more than 10 passengers. They provide necessary support and guidance through their group coordinators at the airports. Moreover, the group fare policy of American Airlines allows allocating group space up to 11 months before. Other group policy privileges by American Airlines include a free name change for every ticket up to 48 hours before departure.

Get to know a leading source of Delta Airlines consolidator tickets

Travel Agent Mall provides access to fares of 350+ airlines around the world including Delta Airlines consolidator tickets. They cover all the major GDSs, unlike consolidators that are limited to a specific range of fares. They are provided with discounted net contracts by Delta Airlines as they used to sell large volumes of Delta Airlines consolidator tickets every year.

Travel Agent Mall is a one-stop destination for deep-discounts on international flight tickets as they have healthier relationships with airlines like Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and all other major airlines. Therefore, for buying Delta Airlines consolidator tickets, travel agents like to partner with Travel Agent Mall.

Why should you choose Travel Agent Mall for Delta Airlines consolidator tickets?

They offer discounted net fares from various airlines that cover various routes, en-route stopovers, and many other useful options. All the categories of fares are covered like first, business & economy consolidator fares.

In addition to consolidator tickets, Travel Agent Mall manages the best group fare discounts from all of the major airlines including Delta Airlines group fare discounts. Commonly, travel agents have to follow several group policies to become eligible for uncomplicated group bookings. With Travel Agent Mall, a travel agent just need to fill the group travel request form as per the requirements and submit. If these services sound interesting to you, feel free to contact us to know more and grow your business by following the best practices.

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