Airline Consolidator | Are you looking for group flight discounts?

Are you looking for group flight discounts?

8. January 2020 15:38 by TravelAgentMall in Group Fares

The best way to get the group fare discountsThe best way to get the group fare discounts & more

Travel agents aim to deliver the top-level services so they mostly look for exclusive airfare deals, including group fare discounts. However, they sometimes face problems in getting discounted group fares as finding the required group seats on the same plane is quite challenging. Here, we will discuss all you need to know about group fare discounts so that you do not miss any possible profits that you can make with group flight bookings. 

Do group flight discounts actually exist?

Yes, travel agents can get group fare discounts with the help of airline consolidators. Requesting group flight deals from a trusted airline consolidator can be more beneficial than getting them directly from airlines. The long-standing relationship that consolidators maintain with airlines allows them to offer group fare discounts. Therefore, many travel agents prefer consolidators for making group flight bookings easier.

Are group flight discounts also available for last-minute bookings?

Are group flight discounts also available for last-minute bookings?
  • Besides giving group flight discounts on usual group bookings, a consolidator can help you make last-minute group bookings successful. Sometimes passengers come up with their last-minute plans that bring a few complexities. In this situation, there are chances of losing possible profits. However, an airline consolidator can get reasonable group flight tickets for those last-minute bookings also.
  • Due to their long-term connections with airlines, consolidators are capable of performing research on available fares for multiple-routes. Therefore, travel agents do not have to struggle in getting group fare discounts for last-minute bookings. By providing these group flight discounts, they can build trust among customers. This increases the chances that customers will come back for their next bookings also.
  • Whether you have to make flight bookings for a group of 10 or more, a trusted consolidator can help you secure discounted group fares. You just need to fill and send group request forms.

Facing trouble in getting the group flight discounts?

Use the negotiating power of consolidators to get group flight discounts. An airline consolidator can help you make many group flight bookings by providing the best group fares. Besides this, a consolidator can negotiate for better deadlines and can ask special favors to fulfill your group flight booking requirements.

6 Ways how a consolidator makes group flight bookings easier

We have presented some of the points that show how connecting with an airline consolidator can be beneficial in managing the group flight bookings.

  • An airline consolidator can manage the best group fares in a faster way.
  • Travel agents can get longer option dates or deadlines to finalize the group details.
  • Troubles related to any flight cancellations or last-minute group flight bookings can be easily solved.
  • Getting group flight discounts for specific routes becomes simple.
  • Airline consolidators help in managing complex group flight bookings as well.
  • Getting group fare discounts from an airline consolidator brings round the clock support for resolving any customer concerns.

Benefits of group fare discounts and bookings

  • Travel agents can have a higher profit margin when they book a group. Similarly, booking a large group can be more advantageous.
  • The flexibility of group flight bookings allows paying a small deposit in starting so as to secure the tickets and the rest of the payments can be completed around the scheduled departure date.
  • In group flight bookings, there is a convenience of providing group passenger names 10 days before the departure date.
  • The ability to add or remove the number of passengers before departure date by paying a nominal fee.

Receive maximum savings with the best group flight discounts

Receive maximum savings with the best group flight discounts

TravelAgentMall is a leading airline consolidator that provides group fare discounts and helps you overcome the challenges of group fares. You get excellent group booking support. We provide exclusive group flight deals for various airlines. Group flight discounts for some major airlines are discussed below:

  • Alaska Airlines group fare discount
  • American Airlines group fare discount
  • Delta Airlines group fare discount
  • Southwest Airlines group fare discount
  • United Airlines group fare discount

Get group fare discounts for any group type:

Get group fare discounts for any group type
  • Sports
  • Leisure
  • Missionary
  • Students
  • Religious
  • Charity
  • Defense
  • Wedding

Still worried about group flight booking discounts?

In order to get the best group fares, you just need to fill our group request form and submit. Our experts will help you by managing the best group flight discounts. If you want to enquire about any other point related to group fare discount that we have missed here, feel free to contact us.

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