Airline Consolidator | 5 facts you should know before buying wholesale flight tickets

5 facts you should know before buying wholesale flight tickets

30. August 2019 09:15 by TravelAgentMall in Wholesale Flight Tickets
Wholesale flight ticket: Facts that travel agents must know

Wholesale flight tickets: Facts that travel agents must know

Earlier, travel agents faced various challenges related to wholesale flight bookings. They were unable to access or adjust airfare pricing in real-time. This inability to access discounted flight inventory prevented them from getting maximum profit out of wholesale flight tickets. Soon the era of digitalization brought them excellent business opportunities. It reduced the inconvenience that travel agents faced while working with multiple systems like suppliers, distributors, travel products, and pricing. It provided the best solutions to travel agents so that they can book the wholesale flights on their own rates and make money.

  • Travel agents prefer airline consolidators to receive wholesale airfares. This allows them to find the best saving offers. As a result, they can make more money by adding sufficient markups to those consolidator fares.
  • Wholesale flight tickets purchase, allows travel agents to offer more discounts to customers, which can further increase their potential customer base.
  • The B2B booking portal used for booking wholesale flights can quicken the whole process by supporting fast searches, changes, and cancellations.
  • Travel agents easily achieve speed to market with wholesale airline ticket fares. The wholesale airfares help increase flight bookings.
  • Use of the best booking software, lets travel agents make maximum profit out of wholesale flight tickets.

Understanding the importance of airline ticket wholesalers

Airline ticket wholesalers play a major role in the travel agent business as they source the wholesale airfares from airlines and resell to travel agents. They give access to consolidator fares which allows travel agents to make profit from exclusive deals from airlines. Additionally, they easily offer discounts on business flights by selling wholesale business flight tickets.

The truth behind choosing the flight consolidators for wholesale flight tickets

Airline consolidators maintain healthy relation with airlines and this allows them to negotiate better than others. As a result of these negotiations, they get better discounts than other travel service providers. These discounts are then passed from the consolidator to travel agents; therefore, the flight consolidators become the preferred method for buying wholesale flight tickets.

How do wholesale flight tickets get processed?

How do wholesale flight tickets get processed?

Airlines select flight consolidators in order to fill the seats that would otherwise remain empty. They give discounted airfares to airline ticket wholesalers. The ticket wholesaler then buys the bulk of flight tickets from airlines and sells consolidator tickets to travel agencies/agents. Finally, travel agents sell those consolidator fares to their customers after adding their desired markup. These airfares sold to customers are still lower than the published fares.

Book wholesale flights to anywhere with your own profit margin

Book wholesale flights to anywhere with your own profit margin

Wholesale flight consolidators are the biggest source of low international fares. They manage the best fares available through the major air carriers. It is the easiest way to arrange wholesale airfare tickets and book flights for customers to travel anywhere globally at the most discounted fares.

Airline ticket wholesalers sell the consolidator tickets to fulfill their airline contracts. After buying consolidator fares, travel agencies are able to make higher margins by booking the discounted international flights. They increase their profit margins and book wholesale flights at the best prices.

Major reasons why travel agents select airline ticket wholesalers

  • Allows travel agents to access exclusive flight inventory not available to the general public for higher margins.
  • Allows travel agents to book discounted fares for their customers and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain customer loyalty while also providing the best loyalty rewards to their frequent customers.
  • Helps travel agents manage the best fares for group travel.
airline ticket wholesalers

Benefits of booking Consolidator fares

  • Wholesale airfare tickets are cheaper than the published fares.
  • Consolidator’s customer service helps travel agents deal with any last-minute booking concerns.
  • Wholesale business flights allow you to make more money due to the increased demand of booking business class flights.
  • Customers will keep coming back to you because of the exceptional discounts that you can provide, by purchasing wholesale flight tickets.

5 Facts you should know before booking wholesale flight tickets

  • Consolidator tickets are generally the most discounted airfares available but different consolidator have different airlines. Therefore, travel agents prefer a flight consolidator that has a long-standing relationship with major airlines.
  • Flight consolidators simplify complexities in managing wholesale flight tickets.
  • Consolidator fares enhance travel business as they are easily marketable even after markups.
  • While buying wholesale flight tickets, you should ensure that the airline consolidator you have chosen, has a proper help desk to help you find the best fares for your specific travel needs.
  • There are many sites that promise excellent flight deals but travel agents commonly prefer a flight consolidator to get the wholesale flight fares.

Do wholesale flight ticket purchases let you save the maximum?

It can’t be certain whether or not you have made good savings on your wholesale flight tickets purchase. However, selecting the right flight consolidator ensures that you are on the right track. The airline ticket wholesaler provides the best wholesale flight ticket rates as they are capable of negotiating fares with airlines. They have access to the exclusive airfares that can help increase margins for travel agencies/agents. Moreover, airfare consolidators bring the maximum savings on wholesale airline tickets for all popular destinations. A leading consolidator like TravelAgentMall has direct contact with airlines that enables it to get the best airfare deals for travel agents.

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