Airline Consolidator | 5 Smart ways to grow as a successful travel agent

5 Smart ways to grow as a successful travel agent

5. August 2019 15:24 by TravelAgentMall in Airline Consolidator

Are you looking for the best methods to enhance your travel business? Here, we are focusing on the 5 useful ways that can help travel agencies/agents in growing their businesses.

The travel products and services described in this post can help you increase revenue opportunities and build trust among your customers. Therefore, if you want to increase flight bookings and make money, use any of the following solutions that best suits you.

Travel Agents can book flight tickets on the best B2B travel portal

book flight tickets on the best B2B travel portal
  • B2B web-based platform is exclusively for travel agents to book flight tickets for their customers. It brings the best available fares that allow them to book discounted flight tickets.
  • The B2B portal allows you to make more money whenever you book flight tickets. It is easy to use and lets you book tickets in a few simple steps.  
  •  With the right B2B portal, travel agents get access to the fares to Worldwide destinations and they can also put their own markup to make a profit. Hence, if you want to make money, register yourself on the best B2B portal.
  • Start making reservations for your customers and decide your own margins. A B2B portal is a user-friendly platform for bulk ticket booking in flight. You get real-time access to flights, schedules, last seat-availability, best fares, etc.
  •  As per the recent survey, the demand for B2B travel portal is increasing. It does not require any training. If you select this B2B travel portal, it will help you make more money for your business.

Start your travel portal by getting White Label Booking Engine

White Label Booking Engine

  • If you do not want to spend much on infrastructure or development cost in making your own booking engine, select a relevant white label IBE to start your travel portal.
  • White label IBE allows you to add your own branding to start your own travel portal.
  • With the white label retail booking engine, you allow your customers to easily search and book flights. In addition to this, you can also manage margins and make money. The service includes airlines on GDS or Non-GDS sources.
  • White label IBE is the most cost-effective way to start your travel business.

Get XML API & Make more money


  • Getting XML API helps you maintain your business identity. It allows you to develop your own front end and customize the layout in the way you want.
  • If you get XML API for your travel portal, you do not have to worry about multi API integration as right travel API integration already gets you access to the best Air, hotel content. You select XML API as per your business requirements. Thereby the need for integrating multiple APIs from other suppliers or non-GDS sources is reduced which actually saves time and money.
  • Using XML API helps you boost your travel business as the technology provides you the flexibility and supports customization.
  • XML API gives you the straight medium to utilize the end data (Air, hotel inventories) without any worries of its management part as all that is managed by API provider.

Requesting Group fares from a Consolidator Can be a smart choice

Group fares from a Consolidator

  • If you select the consolidator for group fares, they will give you a group flight discount due to their long-term trusted relations with Airlines. They can offer you comparatively lower group fares than others.
  • Group fares from consolidator really work when you need to book group flight tickets for large groups. You can make group bookings for any group size to any airlines. This increases the chances to make more money as large groups mean more travelers and thereby you generate more revenue.
  • Consolidator has good terms with Airlines for several years, help agencies receive the best group fares. They are capable of negotiating better fares for group space.
  • You can request fares for groups like Sports, Educational, Missionary, Defense, Leisure, Business, Family reunion, Religious group, etc.
  • Consolidators generally respond quickly to any group travel requests and avoid any delay in the process. 

Get the Airline consolidator that offers excellent Customer Service 

Airline consolidators

  • Airline consolidators are capable of dealing with any travel-related problem at any time as some of them offer round the clock services.
  • Consolidators offer decent customer service that helps you manage last-minute booking opportunities also. For example, for any last-minute bookings or cancellations, a consolidator can readily help you.
  • Consolidator provides you guidance and helps in resolving your customer-related issues easily. They have teams that take care of immediate booking requirements. If you need to book a flight ticket for any complicated itinerary, wholesale airfare consolidators can help you in getting the best fares for that also.
  • Airline consolidators recommend better deals for your customers as they have a vast knowledge of the travel industry. Therefore, the consolidator with good customer service affects your business growth by offering you the right solutions at the right time. This helps you form improved relations with your customers by fulfilling their requests on time. Thereby your customers prefer your travel portal whenever they need to make a group flight booking or normal flight booking.

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